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pursuit collective devotional

You ever find yourself frustrated, for no apparent or tangible reason? Ever feel confused or perplexed by what’s taking place around you? I know I have had my fair share of these feelings. Sometimes I honestly find myself in awe of just how much I simply DO NOT get about life. It’s super easy in these times to try and compensate for this feeling of “lacking” or “wanting.” In today’s culture there is an incredible amount of focus placed on looking or seeming as if you have it all under control, or have everything figured out. Why is it then, that underlying this facade in most cases, we honestly feel pressure to perform more, do more, be better and so on? Why do we tend to overcomplicate and create a sense of busyness just to meet this (often times) imaginary demand?

The fact is, this matter is far more of a spiritual battle than it is a cultural, economic or even emotional battle. Yes it’s true depending on your family life, immediate society and personal mentality, you may face very real and specific battles. However, the point I would like us to draw attention to is the fact that we all, as humans, have an innate desire within us to “do,” to perform and to impress.

Now, don’t get me wrong, these desires do not have to be viewed negatively, but it is the actions we take and the stance of our hearts as we approach these pressures that defines our character and purpose.  Let’s consider an example. If Matt enjoys skate boarding, he is going to often times find himself in a situation where he feels a self imposed pressure.  Matt just stomped a perfect backside boardslide down an 8 stair, yet something within him leaves him wanting more. Now he feels the pressure to exceed this trick and improve his overall style.  I could go on and on, but the point is this, where does this pressure come from and why is its pull so strong?

The best answer I can find to these questions is worship… Simple and pure worship. The draw we feel to give more, do more, or impress more, it’s all an overflow of our hearts design to worship. When this feeling leads to a commitment that is healthy, honest and purely for the love of what you do it is actually the act of worshiping our creator. God rooted this desire deep in our hearts. This pressure in it’s pure form drives us to make ourselves better, not for selfish reasons, but to inspire hope in those around us and maximize our enjoyment of life. The literal act of doing something we feel compelled to do is a tangible and expressible act of worship. The question therefore remains, who is it we are worshiping? Ourselves? Our friends or peers? Maybe our bosses or neighbors? Or is it our creator?

I would encourage you this week to take notice of when this feeling of want or desire arouses. Does it leave you feeling negative or depressed? Or does it leave you inspired and hopeful? If your honest answer is not the second I would encourage you to dig into the reasons you are doing what you do. Think of what or who it is you would most like to please in your actions and consider the hope that comes through the simple recognition that what you do, all you do could actually be done as an act of worship. Let your worshipping actions inspire hope and encourage your heart. Don’t over complicate or frustrate yourself on the things you can’t understand. Rather enjoy the things you can and know that your creator is very pleased and happy to be recognized in your ability to grow and improve. God is afterall an intimate friend that desires above all else to be your friend and to see you joyfully mature and press forward! Acknowledge God in all you do and through that style of worship, frustration and confusion stand no chance.

“Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with All your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, but in ALL way acknowledge Him, and he will make your paths straight.”


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