The Monthly Spread

The Monthly Spread

A monthly, curated collective of design work that inspires, encourages, and provokes action to change the world and spread the love of God.

I see design everywhere! Whether I’m looking for it or not, it’s constantly jumping out at me. I especially love coming across work that inspires us and encourages us to live a God-centered life. Sometimes this design inspiration comes in the form of typography on a print or in an instagram feed, a skateboard deck, a tshirt, brand design, or even just a simple logo. Sometimes it gives us a small piece of inspiration to get through a rough patch, and other times it provokes major action or supports a movement that ultimately helps display the Gospel message to our world.

Each month, I’ll be hand-selecting pieces of well-designed visual communication that I come across in the creative world that is meant to encourage and inspire. Every featured project will have a small write-up describing why I chose it from a visual standpoint as well as a spiritual standpoint.

monthly spread

1. Typography by Nicholas Fredrickson

Nick Fredrickson ( is a designer and hand-letterer based in Omaha, Nebraska.  The goal of his work is to bring “a more nostalgic, hand-made feel to (his) end products.” In his apparel project for Seekerbrand (shown), as well as some of his other pieces, you can see the attention to detail and the hand-created craftsmanship of his typography. These are just a few examples of his work that display his faith and serve to inspire. Nicholas has been featured around the web in places like Abduzeedo and From Up North, and has held classes on Skillshare.


2. Agape Attire skateboard deck

This deck was created by the designers of Agape Attire (, a Christian-based clothing and t-shirt company founded in 2007. I will likely cover more of their apparel graphic work in the future, but I’ve always been inspired by their first skateboard deck and thought it would make a solid addition to our spread of monthly inspiration. The deck is made in the U.S.A with 100% Canadian hard rock maple wood. The graphic consists of various illustrations and typographic versions of “Agape Attire” (Agape = God’s Love in Greek). The use of halftones give portions of the graphic a retro illustrative feel, while the lightning, smoke, and explosion elements give exciting movement to the composition. Also really digging the 2-tone mint green/white color scheme.


3. Off The Leaf coffee branding / packaging

Off The Leaf Coffee ( offers hand-crafted coffee & teas, wholesome foods, artisan desserts, in a relaxed environment. They opened a coffee bar in Montana in 2008, and also offer a mobile coffee bar experience at events large and small, such as Creation Festival. Their logo, branding, and product packaging is solid enough to leave quite a lasting impression. The primary and secondary brand marks are a hybrid feel of modern and vintage, made up of serif and sans-serif typefaces. The text and “leaf” icon are often contained within a hexagonal emblem. Shown is the use of their logo on their clear cups, giftcards, and packaging. They have at least 15 different coffee blends, each with its own packaging marked with the location the coffee is from and the flavor; small hits of different colors are used to represent different blends. I will most likely cover this entire brand in a future article, as they not only have coffee products, but also health bars and energy drinks with their own unique branding. Beyond the visuals, Off The Leaf exists for a much deeper purpose. Their website states “We believe a cup of coffee is more than a cup of coffee. We believe it is our way to help those in need and work towards making the world a better place.” OTL supports 3 different missions with their sales, which include 3Strands (combatting human trafficking), Refuge Foundation (holistic health coaching), and MyFight (poverty support).

4. Come & Live! website

Come & Live! has a vision to “create a worldwide mission community that will provoke and inspire Christian artists to use their God-given creativity to revolutionize the world for Jesus.” Their core values are “SEEK GOD, THE CROSS, RELEVANCE, HOLINESS, & COURAGE.” Their website is the primary platform for Come & Live! to display their vision and mission. It offers training, stories, podcasts, music, and other digital content that equips and inspires. Their web design completely makes their site a comfortable place to surf, navigate, and ultimately learn and grow. Large bold text draws you to different tools around their site, and the use of a high contrast color scheme (black, white, and electric green) keeps the user engaged and excited. The monochrome photography used throughout the site keeps the color scheme consistent and visually pleasing. I’ve always loved the look and feel of this site, as well as the content it offers, which is why their website is number 4 in this month’s design spread of inspiration.

5. Stork Coffee logo

My first article, which covered the brand design of Save the Storks, discusses much about what the STS organization stands for and what their mission is. Complimenting their well-designed existing branding, and further “fueling” the pro-life movement, is a new brand they’ve launched called Stork Coffee ( There is plenty to discuss here, which I will eventually cover, so for now I’ll stick to displaying their logo at #5. There is a clear recognition between the STS brand and their Stork Coffee brand, which is extremely important in tying the two together.


6. Cotton On Foundation product packaging

Many of us are familiar with Cotton On, a clothing retail chain from Australia that has stores all over the world. But did you know that Cotton On runs a charity project called Cotton On Foundation? This organizations sells various lines of creative goods that support their charity mission, and of these goods I was particularly drawn to their “Not Just…” product packaging. Shown at #6 are their “Not Just Water,” “Not Just A Tote Bag,” and “Not Just Mints” lines. Each item purchased represents more than “just” the item itself, but supports new classrooms, meals, and clean drinking water to Southern Uganda. The packaging is simple and to-the-point, using a variety of bright neon colorways and large clean text that displays the “Not Just…” message. Read more about Cotton On Foundation here:


7. Let God Work “Stay Original” typography

Let God Work (sometimes spelled LET GOd work for obvious reasons…or as least I hope so) is an Orange County, CA-based clothing & accessories brand launched in 2009 by “some friends that wanted to make simple, clean, high-quality stuff that they could be proud of.” The work created by LGW clearly promotes God as the main feature of the brand. I really enjoy (#8) the typography used to create their “Stay Original” tee. They also used the same artwork on Bluetooth speakers they’re selling in their shop which were printed in the US. Check out some of their other great work at:



In all of our work and creativity, as stated in my previous article, we should continue striving to always put our best into everything we do. In the same way God has crafted us with care and perfection in His image, so must we do the same with the hands and gifts that He’s provided to us.


For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. – Ephesians 2:10


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