We live in a world that pushes us to live, think, and exist in a certain way — a molded way. We are all in the pursuit of something  — whether that is our job, school, talents, skills, goals, or sports. Our lives become wrapped up in these pursuits that shape our identity. For the athlete, the “American Dream” becomes a pursuit of fresh snow, the biggest kicker, landing this trick, hitting that rail, or catching the biggest wave. In the end these pursuits are fleeting. Much like an anchor that we toss into the sea, it may grab hold of the dense sand bottom but quickly uproots just as easily as it went down.

The Pursuit Collective exists with a mission to share a message contrary to what the world is preaching. The world shouts, “more more more” and “me me me!” God replies with, “less less less” and “serve serve serve”. As a collective we are working together to share a message rooted in Truth. Our goal is to create content, equip and establish leaders, and provide resources that encourage thought, challenge readers, edify the body of believers, and ultimately testify to the good news of God’s saving grace.

The mission field is all around us. Everywhere. Everyday. It’s not about where we go that makes us a “missionary” but instead it’s about the mission you are on. Our mission is to give each of our readers the ability to be true ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

Trading in the path of this world for the pursuit of the path that leads into eternity, together we all become The Pursuit Collective.