The Life of a Film Maker – An Interview with Martin Fobes


Recently we had the opportunity to interview a good friend and very talented filmer and skateboarder, Martin Fobes. Martin grew up in Pleasant Lake, Michigan, but is currently living with some of our friends, Zac Archuleta, Deezle, and Josiah Gatlyn in Huntington Beach, CA. Martin is a full time filmer and videographer and also a super talented skateboarder. He was able to share some insight on the film industry as well as some tips for those of you who are looking to get into filming. Hope you guys enjoy this article! Thanks Martin for taking the time to share with us here at The Pursuit Collective!

Q: (Scotty Tang) How long have you been filming?

A: (Martin Fobes) I started messing around with my moms high 8 camera when I was twelve, so about 13 years.

Q: (Scotty Tang) On average, how many hours a week do you spend filming?

A: (Martin Fobes) I go out filming almost everyday. I’d have to say about 10-15 hours a week.

Q: (Scotty Tang) What was it that made you want to get real into filming?

A: (Martin Fobes) I was the only one out of my group of friends with a camera, so I ended up filming/editing the majority of our videos.

Q: (Scotty Tang)What is your most memorable experience as a filmer?

A: (Martin Fobes) Probably my first time going out filming with Manny Santiago. It was hard to believe that a kid like me coming from a small town in Michigan was out in California, street skating with such a top pro.

Q: (Scotty Tang) What was your first camera?

A: (Martin Fobes) Sony Handycam.

Q: (Scotty Tang) What is your favorite part about filming?

A: (Martin Fobes) Putting 100% of your time and effort into filming the trick and having it pay off when it goes down.

Q: (Scotty Tang) What is your least favorite part about filming?

A: (Martin Fobes)  Sore back/Knees.

Q: (Scotty Tang) Who’s your favorite person/people to film? Why

A: (Martin Fobes) Steve Risner and Jon “Deezle” Depoian. Both are amazing skateboarders, and crush it every day.

Q: (Scotty Tang) What is your favorite camera to film with and why?

A: (Martin Fobes) My favorite camera right now is the Sony FS700 because of the high frame rates and internal buffer.  When shooting in super slow motion, I like to stay around 240fps, you can wait for the trick to be landed, hit record, and the camera will automatically go back in time and save the last 8 seconds. Never miss a trick, and you wont burn up your memory card with all the attempts.

Q: (Scotty Tang) Is this the camera that you are currently using?

A: (Martin Fobes) Yes

Q: (Scotty Tang) What is your favorite video that you ever shot or edited?

A: (Martin Fobes) Our recent trip to Yosemite National park. I didn’t even plan on making a video out of the trip. Ended up filming here and there, wasn’t trying to turn it into a big project. After we got back and I digested all the footage, I saw that there could be potential for a video. I love the vibe of the video.

Q: (Scotty Tang) Are there any cameras coming out that you’re excited about?

A: (Martin Fobes) The Sony A7 and A7r. Having a full 35mm sensor in a DSLR size camera is a game changer.

Q: (Scotty Tang) What is your favorite program to edit footage with? Why?

A: (Martin Fobes) I grew up using Final Cut Pro 7, but I recently switched to Adobe Premier Pro. I really like premier. The built in warp stabilization is amazing.

Q: Scotty Tang) What do you recommend as a first camera for someone that is just starting out?

A: (Martin Fobes) If you’re trying to go HD I’d go with a beginner DSLR, maybe T3i or a 7d. Just depends on your budget. With a DSLR you have tons of lens options. If you’re trying to capture raw skateboarding, Id go with a Sony VX1000 and a MK1 lens. The VX1000 was built for skateboarding.

Q: Scotty Tang) Any advice or words of wisdom for someone that is just starting out?

A: (Martin Fobes) Learn everything there is to know about the camera you have. If you run into problems turn to YouTube for tutorial videos. Learn from every edit and keep progressing.

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