Look to the Heavens

If our eyes are up and not on ourselves, our blind spots will become even more visible. Where are your eyes?
Here on the mission field it is easy to be distracted by the work we have before us, and the people we serve. It’s easy to ask God to give us strength through the day to be extra hands to the people here who are in need. It’s easy to ask God to guide us through our ministry at church, but it’s even easier to forget to ask God to guide us through our first ministry. 
Our first ministry is in our homes, our jobs, and where ever we come into contact with people. From the time you wake up to the time you lay your head down for the night, your ministry is happening. 
I have forgotten this. I have been too busy wishing the people I live with would change, or nit picking almost everything they do and say. I seem to have been blinded by what they are blinded to, and vice versa. We all have blind spots. Why is it so easy to see other peoples? When it comes to seeing other peoples blind spots, He has extended His grace to us, how could I withhold it from anyone else? 
An exhortation was in order tonight. It hit hard and it hurt. Where are you eyes? The problem we’re all having is that we don’t see beyond ourselves. We don’t even attempt to look beyond ourselves. We may have all  the best intentions, but we will see that persons imperfections and begin to be annoyed that they don’t do things the way we do them, and they don’t say the things we would say. Look to the most perfect of all, the wisest of all, the most loving and loyal; look to Jesus, our perfect example, our saviour. If our eyes are fixed on the heavens our ministries will surely flourish. Not to say we will never be annoyed with people, or we will never think about ourselves above others, but we will have peace, and wisdom. Where our eyes are fixed there our hearts will be also. What better place for our hearts to be but in the heavens with our Saviour? 
Ultimately what we need to remember is that the battle should not be amongst us, the battle is spiritual. The attack of the enemy is to cause us to hold knives to each others throats, and lose our wits with each other. “For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. 
Looking up at the sky tonight, it seems to be more beautiful than ever. The stars are spaced so beautifully and shine so brilliant. They twinkle and seem to sing, “We’re beautiful to draw your eyes to us, gaze into the heavens and be glad!” The Lord gave us a sky that is beautiful. Look at the sky and get lost in it’s beauty, it’s physical beauty, and the beauty of the Lord that it conceals.  


Photo by Atif Saeed.

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