Levi’s Skate Park Build for The Lakota Tribe

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Levi’s goes to the Indian reservation in South Dakota of the Lakota tribe to build the people a skate park. Touching story of what skateboarding can do to improve lives.

Skateboarding is a beautiful thing that does a lot of good for a lot of people in the world. It brings people together, breaks down social and ethnic barriers, and instills a sense of purpose and meaning. I’ve heard countless stories of how skateboarding has saved people from gangs and all kinds of destructive lifestyles. In the film, Walt Pourier – founder of The Stronghold Society – says it plainly, “skateboarding saves lives.” In the documentary we see that The Stronghold Society has focused on skateboarding as a means to treat the suicide epidemic of the Lakota tribe, and oddly enough has had success. It’s mind boggling what a piece of wood with some wheels on it can do for people.Although skateboarding is capable of doing a lot of good, it is a very inconsistent thing. Sometimes our board breaks or gets stolen, and sometimes we get hurt and can’t skate for a long period of time or in some cases for the rest of our lives. If all the good we see in skateboarding didn’t point to something greater that we didn’t need skateboarding to access, we should all consider ourselves cheated.

The only reason skateboarding can do what it does, and “save lives,” is because Jesus saves lives and he created it as a type of “gateway drug,” that leads to himself. My commitment to Christ has allowed me to make friends with people and actually enjoy being around them that I never thought I would, I’ve gone places I never imagined I would, and I’ve been able to do things I never thought I would have the confidence or the desire to do. Jesus breaks down social/ethnic barriers, instills in us a sense of purpose and meaning, and saves us from destructive lifestyles just like skateboarding does but on a much larger scale. When we make the decision to follow Jesus, His spirit comes and dwells inside of us and never leaves. There is nothing that can ever get in the way of our relationship with Him, Jesus never breaks or gets stolen from us, and there will never be any kind of injury that hinders us from experiencing Him. The good we get to experience in skateboarding is just a glimpse or small preview of all the good we get to experience in Christ. Skateboarding is a beautiful thing and does wonders for humanity, but only because Christ does and he created skateboarding to reflect himself.



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