Catching up with Ryan Paul


Growing up in Minnesota, pro snowboarder Ryan Paul had to make the most of his flat snow covered environment. He used the landscape around him to become one of the most progressive names in modern urban snowboarding. He currently lives in Washington with his wife where you can find him looking for roofs to jump off, trees to ride out, handrails to flip off and in general having a good time.

About a year ago Ryan faced some uncertainty when it came to who would be sponsoring him again for the upcoming season. He ended up losing his biggest sponsors and was hit hard with a loss of income and gear. Ryan was newly engaged and making almost no money at the time, he was pressed into a situation that caused some serious frustration. The future was looking pretty grim for him and his career as a professional snowboarder. However, as time passed this rocky situation was infused with some hope and open doors that came his way.

Ryan happened to be hanging out at The House Boardshop while a guy from Korea was visiting there. This guy was over in the US trying to get an outerwear brand called Sugapoint some exposure and he just so happened to be looking for riders to sponsor.  Thoughts raced in Ryan’s head, “bada bing bada boom, thanks God!” You can sense his excitement with this newfound door that was opened. It was counted as a blessing from God. In addition to that he joined The House Boardshop’s team, which was super rad for Ryan because he got to work with a good friend of his over there. Things were finally looking up! To top all of this off he also got his own online web series with Epic TV—Ryan Paul’s Zany Earth.

Ryan likes to see God’s hand in everything, even the small stuff because he believes God is good (which He totally is…) and that His hand seems to be active in our lives. Whether it may be called “good luck” or “karma” from others, Ryan sees it as a blessing from God.

After hearing from Ryan about the past year I was reminded of Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” About a year ago nothing seemed to be going good at all, a season of frustration and angst. However, it seems that those unfortunate circumstances led to something way better. God promises that all things will be worked together for the good of those who love Him, what He doesn’t say is that all of those things and situations will be good in and of themselves. He can take situations and circumstances that seem super defeating and weave them together to create something wonderful. He certainly does work all things together for the good of those who love Him, which was the case for Ryan this past year.

Ryan is now super stoked on life, he is newly married and living with appreciation for the doors God has opened. Be sure to check out his web series on Epic TV where you can sit in on his Masterclass in Rail Sliding!

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